MCSA Magaliesberg Membership

Guests intending to become members must support the objectives of the Club, have an active and healthy interest in the activities of the club, maintain the spirit of the club, and promote the good name of the Club. Guests are encouraged to mix freely with the other participants on an outing and to introduce themselves to members and committee members with the purpose of obtaining membership. Guests may not indefinitely make use of the facilities and privileges of the Club without applying to become a member.

To become a member:

  1. Download the application form below
  2. The application form contains the Objects of the MCSA, the Code of Conduct of the MAG section of the MCSA and a reference to download the Constitution of the MCSA. You will be expected to familiarise yourself with, and agree to the contents of these important documents. An Indemnity form is also part of the application form.
  3. Complete the application form, and 
    • sign the Commitment to the Objects and Code of Conduct of the MCSA, and 
    • sign the Indemnity.
  4. Attend two (2) compulsory presentations (you need to record your attendance on the application form): 
    • New Members Introduction (by arrangement with the club administrator, usually scheduled at 18:00 prior to a Tuesday Club Evening)
    • Tuesday Club Evening or an official club meet (see Calendar) 
  5. Have your application form signed by two current members (a proposer and seconder) who have been MAG members for at least one (1) year. You can introduce yourself to members by joining club meets as seen on the Calendar or by attending the above two compulsory presentations.
  6. Email to the club administrator (
    • your completed and signed application form, and
    • an electronic ID-photo (colour photo showing head-and-shoulders; a close-up selfie with your phone is sufficient; format .jpg)
  7. After having received the completed and signed application form, your application will be reviewed by the committee and announced in the weekly electronic newsletter for one week.
  8. You will only be required to pay the membership/joining fee after your application has been reviewed and accepted by the committee and provided there are no other objections raised by any other club members following the announcement in the newsletter. Please do not make any payment before this.
  9. Email your proof of payment to the club administrator. Please use your surname and the word “Application” as payment reference, e.g. DuToit_Application or Dlamini_Application.
  10. Once your application has been processed you will be welcomed as a new member in the electronic newsletter. The administrator will contact you to arrange for the collection of your membership card at a club evening.
  11. You will be allocated to a conservation or patrolling meet according to your preference in your application form. You are encouraged to join any of the orientation / training meets where you will be shown the property, explained how to patrol and assist with conservation meets.

Download the english Application form here:

For more information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Guide for non-members & guests can be found here.

A friendly request – please don’t post pictures of your trip on social media until you are all home safe. We also request that do not post any pictures of any endangered animals or plant species on social media.

Benefits of being a member

As a member you do not only get access to the property owned by the section you joined, but to all properties owned by the entire MCSA entity. Please visit the MCSA section websites for more information on the properties, hut bookings & fees. You don’t strictly have to be a member for this but if you join and participate in our activities you have access to experienced members with treasure troves of knowledge to be mined. Visit the calendar for our latest events.

We have regular training sessions on various aspects like packing you back pack, even snake handling, climbing & hiking. Please see our training page.

Some outdoor shops and climbing gyms offer discounts to MCSA members. You have to be able to show your MCSA membership card with your latest year sticker.

As a member you will benefit from our shared resources, the experience and knowledge of our leaders, access to restricted mountain areas, an organisation that boasts 125 years of experience, affiliation to the UIAA and reciprocal rights with other mountain clubs around the world. We offer opportunities to be part of exciting International expeditions.

Be a part of an organisation that cares deeply for our country’s natural resources and beauty – an organisation that explores every kloof and every mountain of South Africa and those beyond.