Hels Gat: Soutpansberg Hiking and Kloofing – RSVP to meets@mag.mcsa.org.za

The Soutpansberg is full of impressive kloofs, cliffs, rich history, and amazing animal and plant life. Neil Margetts and Nadine Van Heerden will introduce you to the many aspects of this less know mountain range far north of our country. They did two recent trips there to explore and see what they can find. They with their group were the first people to descend into the Verlode Valei since the 1960s and first decent of the impressive Hels Gat, a deep narrow kloof with a big waterfall flowing into it. They also were amazed at the lush forests, huge ferns, animal and bird life flourishing in this high rainfall area. The often forgotten Soutpansberg also hides many mysteries of past people hiding in its kloofs and forests, including a Nazi spy, bank robber and a whole community of coloured people, decedents of a very interesting personality who lived over 200 years ago. The story is told with many great photos and video clips.