Why Become a Member of MCSA MAG?

As a member you benefit from MCSA’s vast treasure trove of shared resources, the experience and knowledge of our leaders and access to restricted mountain areas for enthralling activities like hiking, rock climbing and kloofing. You get to belong to an organisation that boasts more than 125 years of mountaineering experience, that has a long-standing affiliation to the UIAA, and that has access to reciprocal rights with other mountain clubs around the world.

As a member you become a co-steward of MAG MCSA’s properties. In addition, you have access to all properties owned by the entire MCSA entity across Southern Africa. Furthermore, you are invited to participate in MCSA MAG’s regular training sessions on mountaineering-related topics. In addition, you have access to discounts offered at some outdoor shops and climbing gyms.

We invite you to apply to be a part of a club that cares deeply for our country’s natural resources and beauty – a club that explores every kloof and every mountain of South Africa and those beyond.

MCSA Magaliesberg Membership Application Process

MCSA MAG invites people who support the objectives of the Club, have an active and healthy interest in the activities of the club, seek to maintain the spirit of the club, who agree to abide to the Code of Conduct, and who want to promote the good name of the Club to apply for membership. Those who are interested are encouraged to attend club events and meets to learn more about the club before submitting their application.

The membership application process includes:

  1. Contact Admin (admin@mag.mcsa.org.za) to request details of the application process and an application form.
  2. Participate in an MCSA MAG orientation evening and obtain a signature of completion.
  3. Attend at least one club evening or an official meet and obtain a signature of attendance.
  4. Fully complete all sections of the application form and submit it.
  5. The committee will review your application, after which you will be notified.
  6. If your application is successful, and once the payment of club registration and membership fees have been received, you will be invited to pick up your MCSA MAG membership card as well as a Welcome Pack.
  7. Keep discovering the club and its properties! Remember to participate in your compulsory conservation/weeding meet within the first year of your membership, as well as to complete your allocated patrolling weekend-day during your second year of membership.

2024 Membership Fees


Yearly Fees:

Ordinary – Single


Ordinary – Joint








Joining Fee


Please note you can only pay the membership fees after you have submitted your application form and after your application went through the approval process.