Newcomers, friends and families are welcome, but contact must be made with the leader well in advance please. For further information on any proposed meet please contact the leader directly. The meet leaders name and contact information is provided on each meet. Determining the size of the group and whether individuals has the suitable experience and abilities is the leaders prerogative. Some of the areas may require access permits and parking arrangements, leaders do like to plan ahead.

We are always looking for members bold enough to lead a meet, to go where you have never been before and explore new corners of this beautiful country, or to just lead a stroll down a familiar path. We have a diverse age distribution among our members and therefore we try to vary the grading of our meets. If you have any suggestions or ideas regarding hikes or climbs you would like to see on the meets lists, then please contact our Meets Representative.

A friendly request – please don’t post pictures of your trip on social media until you are all home safe. We also request that do not post any pictures of any endangered animals or plant species on social media.


1 Easy stroll (child friendly) | 2 Moderate (child friendly) | 3 Strenuous exercise | 4 Only for the very fit
A No exposure to heights (child friendly) | B Mild exposure to heights (child friendly)| C Moderate exposure to heights | D Very exposed to heights