Questions regarding permits

MCSA sections manage access to certain properties on which permit fees are applicable. These are properties not owned by the MCSA. You can apply for these permits online and are payable to the various sections. The permits fees are applicable to both members and non-members.

Non-members wanting to visit MCSA properties without a MCSA member must apply for a permit.

Adults – R80 per day per person

Other (Students, Pensioners etc.) – R40 per day per person

Kids <14 – R20 per day per person

Please note the different bank accounts for different payments.

Please pay via EFT into the correct bank account.
Permit fees to the Grootkloof property and Wilgepoort property please pay to:
Nedbank Current Account
Account number 1602096171
Payment Reference: surname, word “permit” and the property name, exp. VanRiebeeck_Permit_Grootkloof

Permit fees for Dome pool permit, please pay to:
Nedbank Savings Account
Account number 2697033815
Payment Reference: “VanRiebeeck_Permit_Dome”

We do not issue permits to non-members for the first weekend of any month, as we reserve that weekend for MCSA members and their guests only.

We only allow a maximum of 30 permits per property per day.

Please check with the meet leader. Children are always welcome on condition that the event is suitable and safe for them.

TAKE NOTE that the safety of the children remains the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

We do not allow any dogs on our properties. The only dogs allowed are for members when they are patrolling the property.

Neil Margetts – RandRock

Magaliesberg kloofs are wilderness areas.  Paths, campsites and access routes are unclear or unmarked.  Visitors must be comfortable in wild areas and understand the risks of hiking, swimming, wild animals and the weather. Access is restricted to MCSA members, their guests and permit holders and trespassers will be prosecuted.

  1. Please be very considerate.  Do not enter or leave the area before sunrise or after sunset.
  2. Keep as quiet as possible and respect the landowner’s privacy.
  3. Close all gates after entry or departure.
  4. Cross fences at stiles only.
  5. OVERNIGHT CAMPING is only allowed at the new MCSA campsite indicated on the map.
  6. Please leave the campsite tidy and clean.
  7. No camping in the gorge or riverbed.
  8. REMOVE ALL RUBBISH FROM MOUNTAIN AREAS (including tissues and cigarette stubs).
  9. Rubbish may not be hidden under stones or in rock fissures.
  11. Do not wash yourself, dishes, or anything else in the streams.  Do not use soap in the streams.
  12. SANITATION:  Bury all human waste properly.  Operate well away from campsite and watercourses.
  13. Digging for any other purpose is not allowed.
  14. Do not interfere with fauna, flora or natural and cultural artefacts.
  15. DO NOT MAKE FIRES.  Operate your camp stoves with great care.
  16. No pets, firearms, axes, picks, saws, large knives, radios, or tape decks allowed.
  17. Respect fellow mountain users and assist and encourage them to adhere to this code of conduct.
  18. No bolting is allowed on the rock faces.
  19. Avoid nesting birds. See the News page for the latest on nesting Black Eagles.
  20. SWIMMING:  Please be considerate towards other visitors and wear a bathing costume.
  21. Permit money is not refundable.
  22. You are responsible for your own safety and those going with you, and for arranging help should you run into trouble.

Questions regarding membership

The club requires you to participate in two of the MCSA Magaliesberg events and attend the regular club evenings at the club house to meet with some of the members. You will need to get two members to vouch for you and sign your application form. Access the application process here.

By joining the Magaliesberg Section you effectively become part owner of all the properties and as such have a share in the responsibility for the maintenance and safety thereof. You have a choice to either participant in patrolling the properties or conservation (weeding the properties). While on the property we ask that you behave as an owner. I.e.: if you see a stranger, ask them if they are members or have a permit, else are trespassing.

Patrolling: When on the properties, and not only when patrolling, we require you to keep an eye out for trespassers and problems such as fencing or fires, etc. Your name will be added to a rotating patrolling roster that would require you to spend a weekend, once every 12-18 months, on a property. You may choose the property you want to patrol and may make an official club meet thereof.

Conservation: You are required to volunteer for weeding and work meets once a year. Conservation forms a major part of the MCSA’s responsibility towards the environment. Weeding forms a very important part of environmental management.

The MCSA owns and have access to many environmentally sensitive and potentially dangerous properties and areas. The two required signatories, is our attempt to assess your attitude towards nature and eliminate negligent individuals.

  1. Completed & signed application form
  2. Head & shoulder jpg format selfie
  3. Pensioners -at least 60 years of age;
    -a bona fide pensioner, with documentary proof thereof; &
    -a member of the MCSA for at least 10 years
  4. Reciprocal – Letter of good standing from previous MCSA Section
Description Yearly Fees
Ordinary – Single 510.00
Ordinary – Joint 840.00
Foreign – Single 480.00
Foreign – Joint 660.00
Honorary 0.00
Pensioner – Single 240.00
Pensioner – Joint 400.00
Senior 100.00
Reciprocal 230.00
Student 250.00
Teenager >14yrs 90.00
Child <14yrs 35.00
Once off Joining fee 400.00

Please pay via EFT into the correct bank account.
Nedbank Current Account
Account number 1602096171
New Member Applications – Payment Reference: surname and the word “application”, exp. VanRiebeeck_Application

Members – Payment Reference: Members please use your club number, words “member fee” and the year ex MAG000_MemberFee_2020.

Please email the proof of payment to the club administrator:

Most of the MCSA sections were independent clubs, but have now joined under the “umbrella” of the MCSA. Efforts are made to preserve the unique culture of each section and they are still run independently.

Most Sections of the MCSA own property and therefore must carry the risks and rewards. Each Section has their own overhead costs and own membership rate structures. An elected committee that tries to adhere to the unique requirements of that section’s members manages each of the MCSA Sections.

Temporary Membership fees (guest fee) on Club Meets: Non-members who would like to attend MCSA outings as a guest of a member must pay a guest fee. This may be paid to the meet leader, or directly into the Magaliesberg Section’s bank account. Please confirm the amount with your meet leader.

Parking/entrance fees: Much of our land is accessed through agreed servitudes or land owners allowing individuals to park and walk through their property. Many of these land owners make it worth their while by asking a small parking fee. A parking fee is often required and has to be paid to the landowner where we park.

Transport: A contribution to transport costs is expected. Please find out beforehand what fees are payable and have the amount ready.

1 Day: >1 Day:
Adults R 50.00 R 50.00
Students/Pensioners R 20.00 R 30.00
Children <18 years Free Free

Have a look out for any events that might interest you on the Calendar or on our social media pages. Then simply contact the event leader and inform him of your skill level, and ask any questions you might have. Depending on the event and your skill level the meet leader will advise you re joining the outing.

You do not have to RSVP for the club evenings, all are welcome.