Given MAG MCSA’s affinity towards the Magaliesberg as well as its stewardship of properties in it, MAG MCSA is deeply invested in ensuring that the Magaliesberg maintains its Biosphere status and remains a pristine wilderness area for generations to come. This is achieved by MCSA members who actively contribute to the ecological conservation of the mountain by attending monthly conservation meets which concentrate mainly on the eradication of alien invasive plants, as well as the maintenance of the hiking paths on the properties. This falls within one of the MCSA’s primary objectives to protect the natural beauty and wilderness character of mountains and to promote their effective conservation management. Members take part in these meets as part of their responsibility as members.

Please refer to our calendar for information on upcoming conservation events.

A friendly request – please don’t post pictures of your trip on social media until you are all home safe. We also request that you do not post any pictures of any endangered animals or plant species on social media.

Aloe peglerae, endemic to the Magaliesberg