Injisuthi after the fire

1st night camping

Injisuthi Beginner Hike: 09 – 11 October 2020

Leader: Theo Odendaal

This hiking event was offered as a training event for hikers unfamiliar with the Drakensberg. It was preceded by a presentation and demonstration at a club evening the same week before. Interest in the hike was considerable and we reached the limit of 20 soon.

From the Injisuthi Wildlife office, past the yellowwood forest, we followed the contour path in the direction of Ship’s Prow pass. Due to a big fire in the Injisuthi area during winter, the veld was green and overgrown by new growth that made hiking easier.

On the second day we crossed the pass at the bottom where we had lunch and afterwards took the uphill path to get back to the contour path level.

We set up camp in thick mist. The weather was warm to hot, changing to misty and cooler, changing to rainy and cold over the course of 3 days. The last day we hiked along Shada Ridge and down Van Heyningen’s pass back to Injisuthi.

Shada Ridge

Ships Prow Pass

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