Alternative (Temporary) Parking was arranged at Dome for weekends ONLY.
Members can contact Magalies Admin ( more info.

For all our properties the rules are:

■ Members must have valid membership cards with them.

■ Re permit holders, the person/group to whom a permit has been issued must keep the permit on hand. The practical effect of this is that groups cannot split up.

■ Sign the register and pay for parking before you start hiking.

■ Always be friendly to the landowners – there is much more at stake than your ego.

Offenders and trespassers will be banned from MCSA properties.

Please note

The information below is limited. For all details please contact the MCSA Magaliesberg Section.

The MCSA as a land owner seeks to preserve the land in its natural state, therefore none of our properties have clearly indicated paths, nor are there any facilities on our properties.

No dogs are allowed at this property.

Brief summary of venue

Dome Pools is a wilderness hiking venue, involving an easy walk over a hill and along a stream to some of the biggest and deepest rock pools in the Magaliesberg, making it a fantastic venue for swimming in the summer months. The path is not marked – it is essential to follow the route on the map. You will receive a copy of the map from the Administrator upon confirmation of your permit application.

This area is part of the Magaliesberg Protected Environment (MPE) and the Magaliesberg Biosphere.

Difficulty level

Easy – intermediate.

Hike in to the Dome Pools is approximately 4km and takes 1-2 hours.

The MCSA support actions towards protecting the natural beauty and wilderness character of mountains, therefore most paths are not marked.

Permit & permission information

Non MCSA members must obtain a permit from the MCSA Magaliesberg Section. This is private property, MCSA managed. Access and permits by courtesy of the owner. All visitors must carry a copy of the permit to avoid being treated as trespassers & avoid an unpleasant confrontation with patrollers. Please see the FAQ: Permit Rules.

Several other owners’ land is crossed on the way to the pools – please respect and be thankful to them for allowing us the privilege.

MCSA members do not need permits. One member one guest rule applies. Members must carry their membership cards with them.

In order to control trespassing, parking fees are now payable at the Dome Pools parking area.

Access to this property is across other land owners property. Access agreements with these land owners was established by the MCSA. The access rules in these agreements must be adhered to.

The access agreements with these land owners are sensitive and dependent on your adherence to their rules. The rules are available on request from the MCSA Magaliesberg Section and will be provided with your access permit.

A breach of these rules (etiquette, gate times, etc.) could result in the MCSA permanently losing this convenient access route to its properties. The MCSA will also not hesitate to take action against offending members or permit holders.

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Parking Fees

Parking fee is R60 per car, payable in cash, and you must sign the register.

Approximate travelling time from Pretoria

Travelling takes about 1 hour 15 mins.

Accommodation & facilities

Camping is available at the MCSA campsite about 10-minute walk upstream from the big pools. No facilities whatsoever, but clean water easily accessible. Please note field toilet manners apply, see the FAQ: What are ‘Field toilet manners?

No camping in the kloof please.

Water is available except for the first 30 minutes of the walk.

Climbing information

Very few climbing routes at Dome Pools. Very easy grades, but trad climbing only. No bolting is permitted.

Child friendly

Yes, as long as children can walk for two hours without a problem. Children are only allowed with adult supervision.


Most certainly.

Camp fires

Strictly not allowed, as it is part of the Biosphere.

Other attractions

Pleasant, shady lunch spots available near several of the rock pools. No monkey cages.

The usual variety of Magaliesberg birds and animals may be seen. The animals most likely to be encountered are baboons and klipspringer.


Slippery rocks near the streams and pools. Bum-slides at the pools are fun but can be dangerous – take care & supervise children.

Visitors to the kloofs should be encouraged to recognize the inherent danger in entering wilderness areas and avoid dangerous situations.


MCSA Magaliesberg Section


Contact: 083 845 1573

Office hours: Mon – Fri 08h00 – 10h00; closed on weekends & public holidays


Mountaineering (climbing and hiking) is de facto an activity which carries certain inherent risks. Neither the MCSA, nor any of its members or representatives accept responsibility for any deaths, injury or illness sustained or suffered by any person or for any theft, loss or damage to any property that result from participation in MCSA activities, no matter in what manner caused and whether allegedly due to negligence or not. Full indemnity is available here.